Cute Portable Desktop Humidifier w/ Mirror + Light

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Need a mirror to do your makeup while running late? Want some hydration on the go? Not enough lighting for a quick selfie session? This is the perfect multipurpose, portable humidifier for any occasion. It offers a larger water storage capacity while retaining the same compact and convenient design as our other products, and can function as a humidifier, mirror, night light, or mini ring light.

1. Large water capacity provides a longer operation duration.
2. Continuous and intermittent spray modes to adjust to your liking.
3. In addition to the mirror ring light, the humidifier's borders also light up in various colors.
4. Compact design for easy storage and placement versatility.
5. Fine nano mist that humidifies your air without wetting surfaces.
6. Quiet operation that won't disturb you during sleeping hours.
7. USB powered for convenience and portability.

Product size: 75.5 x 75.5 x 152 mm
Material: PVC
Water storage capacity: 400 ml
Net weight: 270 g
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Operation duration: 6-12 hours

4-14 days