Cute Desktop + Bedrooom Humidifier w/ Clock + Light

$24.00 On Sale

This humidifier, clock, and night light all-in-one is definitely a desktop and bedside staple! Like all of our humidifiers, this one offers the same portability, versatile functions, and nano mist technology. Its adorable design also makes it the perfect addition to your room decor.

1. Cute design with gold ears + trendy clock with front dial.
2. Nano atomization technology for the perfect fine mist that won't wet surfaces.
3. Quiet operation that doesn't disrupt sleep during night time usage.
4. LED light with color modes.
5. USB powered for convenience and portability.

Product size: 90 x 90 x 141 mm
Net weight: 143.5 g
Input: 5V, 1A
Rated power: 1.5 W
Interface: Micro USB
Operation duration: 4 hours

4-14 days